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Mrs. Ballard’s funeral was a purely local affair: the women still alive who had shared so many platforms with her were too old to travel so far. The church was crowded, but with Wayneboro Methodists, members of the W.C.T.U., the Woman’s Club. It seemed strange to those who remembered Judge Ballard’s funeral: in her heyday, Mrs. Ballard had been as well-known a platform personality as he.

The Wayneboro Woman’s Club paid Mrs. Ballard due honor as a charter member and its first President, interrupting the 1888-89 program. “New Books by Old Friends,” to do so.

Sally, who perhaps felt guilty because she had not loved Mrs. Ballard as much as she might, planned carefully a meeting that would touch on all aspects of her life: Amanda, a paper on the Abolition Movement and Mrs. Ballard; Mrs. Deming, the Woman Suffrage Cause and Mrs. Ballard; Mrs. McKinney, the Temperance Movement and Mrs. Ballard; she herself spoke on “Informal Recollections of Mrs. Ballard,” the tributes being interspersed with appropriate music by what everyone had come to recognize as “The Club Trio.

” It had been so long since Mrs. Ballard had been an active member the Club that newer members had not known her at all, and even some older ones had never seen her in her prime. And after all, Sally had said when she was trying to induce Anne to speak, Mrs. Ballard was by far the most distinguished member the Club had ever had or was likely to have.

“She used to rile me, I admit: she was so anxious to improve the whole world, including me. But thinking back, I do believe the Club might never have survived the first years if she hadn’t kept us up to the mark: with her there we would have been ashamed not to have done our best.”

“I always felt sorry for the girls. But they never seemed to mind being dragged around to meetings and conventions. And I think she was kind, when she could turn her mind to it. I mean, I don’t think she was ever deliberately unkind. Pity Eliza isn’t more like her.”

“Ludwig thinks the world of Eliza as a secretary. Funny, isn’t it? But there’s more than can be said for Mrs. Ballard than just what she was kind in an absent-minded sort of way, and I intend to say it.”

The In Memoriam meeting was the longest and most formal the Club had ever held for a deceased member; and what with the music and speeches, some of the ladies were moved to tears, most to moist eyes (and the younger ones, who had not known her, to wonder why), and Thomasina, pathetically grateful for the appreciation of her mother, wept openly.

“Altogether,” Anne said to John at the dinner table that night, “it was a dem’d moist disagreeable’ occasion. She would have hated it herslef.”

“I’m not sure,” he replied, slowly. “Everyone in the world likes praise. It’s only human, and most of us don’t hear much of it in our lifetimes. I got to know Mrs. Ballard pretty well. A fierce old woman in many ways, but she fought off death as long as she could just because she was worried about the girls not getting along together without her.

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